City Team Designs

This section provides some general design guidelines as well as samples of designs we’ve produced for both print and digital layouts. The building blocks for any design are the colors, logo, message and other visuals that support them.

Design guidelines

Less is more. Keep the design as simple and clean as possible. Keep the focus on the one important message that needs to be communicated

Display information in order of importance and weight.

Give the elements in your design space to “breathe.” Avoid cramming text or logos in to a tight space or corner against an image background that competes with them or makes them difficult to see.,

Consider your audience carefully but don’t bend the truth or facts to make them more palatable for your audience. We are fundamentally truth-tellers, telling a difficult truth.

Feature the call to action prominently and clearly. Make it easy for people to identify the action you want them to take.

Choose images carefully and use those which you believe will have the strongest impact. A picture is worth a thousand words.