City Team Communication Guide

Everything starts with an idea. The words and visuals we use become the way we define the idea to ourselves and others. Our guide to communication covers all of its forms, from spoken to written, from internal to external. SFC’s Core Principles inform our communication style. Our aim is to communicate what Slaughter Free Cities stands for in a consistent and concise manner. Often times, less is more. Our audience and context determine what and how we communicate. Our guide covers all of the major communication building blocks, audiences and strategies.

This guide is broken into two main section, internal and external communications. Here’s what’s covered:

FC Internal Communications
• SFC Strategy Brief
• SFC Campaign Brief
• SFC Case for Support
• SFC Action Brief
• SFC Volunteer Questionnaire

FC Internal Communications

  • SFC Logos
  • SFC Colors
  • SFC Designs
  • SFC Key Messages and Demands
  • Public Speaking
  • Public Outreach
  • Media Relations
  • Target Negotiations
  • Slaughterhouse Transition Negotiations
  • How we communicate to get the information we need
  • How we communicate to get our demands met